Fondazione Human Technopole
Improving human health and well-being is the ultimate goal of Human Technopole. We need to prevent and cure diseases to allow people of all ages to not only live longer, but also live better.

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Thanks to a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the study of human biology, HT’s research aims to understand the mechanisms underlying various diseases, exploiting the technological advances of the last decade and the enormous amount of biological, clinical and socio-economic data currently available to improve the national healthcare system and the quality of life of all citizens.

Human Technopole’s research is based on five interdisciplinary research areas: Genomics, Neurogenomics, Structural Biology, Computational Biology and Health Data Science.

Starting from late 2023, Human Technopole will be opening the first National Facilities available to the national scientific community to carry out top-level research in their respective fields.